Monday, 30 July 2012

'Hi folks!' says the mayor to everyone on the bus as I fly into town for a lunchtime Prom concert. His looped advice to stay out of London during the Olympics has emptied the roads and the hall is packed with early arrivals unlike some of the athletic events. L'Arpeggiata plays Baroque music on Baroque instruments but with jazz inflections and flamenco appeal. You can hear me shout involuntarily at the end of the first improvisation, as I am the first, but not the last, in the hall to do so, when the concert is re-broadcast on Saturday afternoon. Lutenist Christina Pluhar introduces the singer Vincenzo Capezzuto by telling us his high voice is uncategorisable. She is right. He's a full voiced tenor at counter-tenor pitch. He's also a dancer but not somuch f one as Anna Dego who leaps and skips like an Olympic gymnast in the the floor exercises in front of the band. Pity you can't see that on the radio.